Ann och Magnus H�star

Oretorp - here we live Magnus and Ann Smith Close to nature at the small farm consisting of pastures and orchards between the beech forest and Ivösjön. Here we have lived since 1986, nowadays in a house near the farm. In the yard, our son lives with Mrs. Malin and daughter Hilda.

We got dogs in the yard with cats. On the farm there are horses and sheep that graze our pastures. To retain the open landscape and preserve pastures requires both that we keep animals, but also a lot of work - but the result of the open grazing land - the flowers, heather-juniper and all butterflies and bi is worth all the work. That we have so much heather in grazing land has raised the idea that we should expand the beekeeping and get your own honey we'll see.

Landskap med tr�d Bl�klockor

The forest - beech forest and mixed forest - to have it just around the house raises the quality of life, ranging from forestry to forest walks. Early spring with delicate greenery, berry picking in the summer and mushroom picking in the fall. In the forest, we encounter roe deer, deer, foxes, badgers and moose, to stand in a grove and see grazing elk is a moment in which you feel at one with nature.

The plantations will find apples, pears and plums, work in orchards, we have left it to a tenant - but you can follow the progress of the fruit during the year. During the winter pruning is done, the summer cull in order to improve the harvest that begins in July with the first plums, harvest continues throughout the fall.

The lake lot with its own pier is a place of recreation and rest or starting point for a tour of Ivösjön by canoe or boat. New ponds for crayfish and trout under construction, the first crayfish are implanted but much work remains before we can arrange our first crayfish party.

Welcome - we are happy to share our beautiful surroundings!
Ann and Magnus