foto Kristianstads kommun/Claes Sandén

World famous bouldering site Kjugekull.

Kjugekull is a world famous destination for climbers who engage in what is known as bouldering. From Oretorp is only 15km car road.
"This beautiful nature reserve Kjugekull is one of the largest and best areas for bouldering in Sweden and covers currently 1140 different climbing problems and variants. The blocks are generally large, round and detached and scattered in sparsely deciduous forest of undulating pastures.This is a beautiful setting for the boulders and make Kjugekull to an outdoor experience beyond the ordinary. All kinds of problems are represented: Climbing is often technical and friction dependent, often quite steep. You can climb on Kjugekull almost the whole year round. " http://www.sverigeforaren.se


foto Kristianstads kommun/Claes Sandén

Even if you are not climbers can visit Kjugekull, the environment is very beautiful and the nature reserve is especially beautiful in spring and early summer. There are three excellent hiking trails.